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Monday June 18 2018 05:55:13 PDT

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Director: FBI won't repeat mistakes noted in watchdog report on Hillary Clinton email probe

U.N. high commissioner for human rights: "The thought that any state would seek to deter parents by inflicting such…

US Senate blocks F-35 sales to Turkey

US Futures Plunge After Trump Calls For $200 Billion More Tariffs On China
RSS58 minutes ago

Just minutes after the US Senate passed its ZTE-Deal-killing amended-bill, President Trump hit China with a potential double whammy as he directed

Trump threatens extra tariffs on S$270b of Chinese goods
The Straits Times World News1 hour ago

June 19, 2018 7:50 AMWASHINGTON (REUTERS) - US President Donald Trump threatened on Monday (June 18) to impose a 10 per cent tariff on US$200 billion

Google to invest $550 million in China e-commerce giant as it battles rivals

Senate votes to block Trump’s relief for ZTE

U. S. President Donald Trump says he is moving to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the U.S. armed for…

ZTE Crashes After Senate Passes Trump-Deal-Killing Bill
RSS1 hour ago

As we detailed last week, a group of senators successfully attached an amendment that would effectively kill the Trump administration's deal with

Minimum Wages Might Mean Fewer Benefits, So Let's Not #Fightfor15
RSS1 hour ago

Authored by Art Carden via, A recent working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research by the economists Jeffrey Clemens, Lisa

President Trump threatened tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, escalating a trade war wit…

One so far found dead, 19 alive after boat with about 80 passengers sinks in Indonesia's Lake Toba

The U.S. Defense Department says it has suspended all planning for a joint military exercise with South Korea in Au…

Musk Accuses Mystery Employee Of "Extensive And Damaging Sabotage"
RSS1 hour ago

It wasn't the first time there was a fire reported at a Tesla facility: as we noted at the time, there was another one just two months ago... FIRE AT

Satisfaction With Life In America Is Just 38%... And That's A 12-Year High
RSS1 hour ago

Great news America... According to the latest poll from Gallup, you not been this 'satisfied' since September 2005 - which was right after Hurricane

Info on China's nuclear and military modernization.

Chinese restaurant in downtown Chicago offers Zongzi to mark Dragon Boat Festival

What can be done in conflict-affected areas when a #refugee crisis is likely? Tell us what you think.…

Paul Tudor Jones: "The Next Recession Will Be Frightening"
RSS2 hours ago

With outgoing Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein clearly in a whimsical mood these days and happy to moonlight as a talk show host, in today's "Talks at

Senate: Two-Tiered Justice System In FBI Clinton/Trump Investigations
RSS2 hours ago

Authored by Sara Carter via, Had Horowitz not discovered the anti-Trump texts between Strzok and Page, they would still be

EPA shifts oversight of coal waste to a state for first time, as sought by industry

In Opinion, Contributing Writer Margaret Renkl writes: "A dog loves a person the way people love each other only…

Trump threatens tariffs on another $200bn in Chinese imports

While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, June 19
The Straits Times World News2 hours ago

June 19, 2018 6:00 AMA selection of news stories that happened overnight, June 19, 2018.

Bank of America: "We Have Not Seen This Movie Before"
RSS3 hours ago

With just months left until the global central bank liqiudity supernova finally ends, and turns into a drain of cash ... ... Bank of America has

30,000 spam mails go out from CBI ex-officer's account

Together, immigrants and their U.S.-born children make up about 27% of U.S. inhabitants. Get background on the immi…

PM Pedro Sanchez argued the mausoleum built by the dictator, who ruled Spain with an iron fist from 1939 to 1975, s…

South Korea, US agree to suspend joint military drills scheduled for August: Yonhap
The Straits Times World News3 hours ago

June 19, 2018 5:38 AMSEOUL (REUTERS) - South Korea and the United States have agreed to delay a joint military exercise called the "Ulchi Freedom

Michael Avenatti Shifts Gears From Stripper Porn Star To Separated Migrants
RSS3 hours ago

Stormy Daniels's lawyer Michael Avenatti has found his new gig - offering to represent illegal immigrants separated from their children at the U.S.

The Senate voted to reinstate tough penalties on ZTE, setting up a clash with the White House

Donald Trump: US will not be a 'migrant camp'

Rajnath Singh flags social media use for child porn, terror

James Hansen wishes he wasn't so right about global warming
Nation / World headlines from newsday.com3 hours ago

James Hansen wishes he was wrong. He wasn't.

Ron Paul Asks "Why Can't We Sue The TSA For Assault?"
RSS3 hours ago

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, When I was in Congress and had to regularly fly between DC and Texas, I was

Extreme heat advisories were in place in more than a dozen states in the Midwest and Northeast, but relief is on th…

US cancels military exercise with South Korea after Trump-Kim summit

Thousands of dragon boat players from across Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe and Asia meet on Toronto Islan…

What's Next: June 19, 2018
The Straits Times World News3 hours ago

June 19, 2018 5:00 AMJapan's Lower House of Parliament is scheduled to vote today on a Bill that could create the world's second-biggest casino

Trump faces bipartisan pressure to halt family separations
The Straits Times World News3 hours ago

June 19, 2018 5:00 AMWASHINGTON • Leading Republican and Democrat figures are pressuring US President Donald Trump to halt his administration's

Though an experimental Ebola vaccine appears to be effective in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the virus continu…

Raise security for Girish Karnad, 3 others on hit list: SIT

Rahul Gandhi moves in to douse Karnataka dissidence with more berths

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