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Monday June 18 2018 05:54:22 PDT

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2,000 children have already been separated at the border. These detention facilities are filled with children suffe…

Black women make up only 1.2 percent of Google’s U.S. workforce. Women who identified as Latinx make up 1.7 percent.

RT @LeeCamp: The mainstream corporate media CAN'T STAND the idea of peace with North Korea. They are paid for by the weapons contractors an…

'I Find That Offensive': DHS Head Flails As Reporters Grill Her About Family Separation Policy Main RSS Feed3 hours ago

She tried defending the indefensible. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday tried defending the administration's policy of

This Is What Terrified Migrant Kids Separated from Their Parents Sound Like
VICE3 hours ago

On a recording obtained by ProPublica, a Border Patrol agent jokes about the "orchestra" of sound from screaming and crying children.

Do you remember your favourite game at school? #ForEveryChild, play ?. @unicefmali

Finding out why the government was unable to accurately assess the damage or provide adequate resources to rebuild…

DoJ indicts CIA employee, J. Schulte, for passing info to "organization-1", which US press say is @WikiLeaks. Perha…

Trump Lies About Germany, Again, to Cast Immigrants as an Existential Threat
The Intercept3 hours ago

During his campaign for the presidency, Trump was obsessed with attacking Angela Merkel for showing compassion to refugees who were not white. The

One Hundred Years Ago, Eugene Debs Gave An Anti-War Speech That Landed Him in Prison
Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community3 hours ago

Peter Dreier Eugene Victor Debs, American Union leader, addressing a crowd, 20th century. Debs ran for President of the United States on behalf of

.@epershannd is feeling a resurgence of conflicted emotions surrounding her body and behavior.

“My wish for the Fillmore in light of its heartbreaking history and uncertain future? For all places to put as much…

An openly gay man, some regarded Bayard Rustin's sexuality as a liability to be associated with the high-profile Ma…

Protesting 'Morally Repugnant' Trump Policies, Poor People's Campaign Demands Action on Housing, Health, and Climate
Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community3 hours ago

Julia Conley, staff writer The Trump administration and its open hostility toward Americans living in poverty were the target of the Poor People's

Sarah Sanders Refused to Lead Monday's Press Briefing to Avoid Questions on Family Separation Policy: Report Main RSS Feed3 hours ago

Instead, Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen agreed to take questions from the White House briefing room. After the White House press briefing was delayed multiple

Dimbleby leaves Question Time to do his first love - propaganda.

In a move that could challenge the proposed path of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline, a Nebraska farm couple has…

RT @JSCCounterPunch: It's excruciating to listen to this. But you must because it's being done with your money and in your name... https://…

Poverty Rampant, Puerto Rico Destroyed, Single Payer "Too Expensive," and Flint Still Doesn't Have Clean Water. But You Can Have Space Force!
Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community4 hours ago

Andrea Germanos, staff writer President Donald Trump announced Monday that he's directing the Pentagon to create a new branch of the military—Space

More than 1.5 million Venezuelans have moved into neighbouring countries- UNHCR
ReliefWeb Headlines4 hours ago

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Aruba (The Netherlands), Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, Panama, Peru,

RT @NatCounterPunch: Just as the world was watching the lead up to the Trump-Kim Jong-un meeting in Singapore last Monday, the US quietly a…

RT @BrianKuebler_: .@MayorPugh50 addressing the media to talk about the @BaltimorePolice “summer surge” to stem violence like the 6 homicid…

RT @BrianKuebler_: So @MayorPugh50 did not offer many all, other than to say an increased federal presence to help combat viol…

Gut-Wrenching Audio of Toddlers Ripped from Their Parents' Arms Includes Border Agents Mocking Them Main RSS Feed4 hours ago

The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children separated from their parents makes for excruciating listening. Este articulo pronto estará

UN senior officials call for urgent increase in support for Rohingya refugees
ReliefWeb Headlines4 hours ago

Source: United Nations Population Fund, UN Office of the SRSG on Sexual Violence in Conflict Country: Bangladesh, Myanmar Urgent efforts are needed

RT @KamalaHarris: I’m calling on Kirstjen Nielsen to resign as Secretary of Homeland Security. Under her watch, our government has committe…

RT @XXL: XXXTentacion has been pronounced dead at the age of 20 years old after being shot in Deerfield Beach, Florida…

This Crypto Bro Left Twitter After His 'Successful People' Tweet Was Memed
VICE4 hours ago

Behold, the anti-capitalist meme of the moment.

How the War Industry Corrupts the U.S. Congress Main RSS Feed4 hours ago

Critical congressional votes, including the confirmation of Gina Haspel as CIA director, can be traced back to campaign donations by U.S.

Ovarian cancer will kill an estimated 14,000 American women this year.

RT @surajpatelnyc: DHS Secretary Nielsen must resign. Separating families is a reversible policy, but the harm done to these children isn’t…

So you've launched your campaign. Now how do you actually get people to open up your emails? Our #RunToWin Training…

Ivanka Greeted By 'Trump is Nixon' Sign During Fresno Fundraising Event with GOPer Kevin McCarthy Main RSS Feed4 hours ago

The president's daughter and adviser went to Fresno, California, to support her father's congressional allies. President Donald Trump's daughter and

Florida Trial Lawyer Offers $100,000 Reward for Evidence That Corporations Are Behind Frivolous Lawsuits Against Corporations
Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community4 hours ago

Russell Mokhiber Was a class action lawsuit targeting McDonald's for how it prices its Quarter-With-Cheese a setup? John Uustal, a Florida trial

In North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, among thinking, rational people, there is no l…

This young farmer transformed a neglected half-acre of land owned by St. Simon’s Episcopal Church in Miami, Florida…

We're looking forward to seeing our own @KarenBassTweets on @TheDailyShow tonight!

Fetishizing "Identity Politics" Could Cost Democrats in 2020
Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community4 hours ago

Briahna Gray (Photo Illustration: The Intercept; AP)

Listen to Children Who’ve Just Been Separated From Their Parents at the Border
Articles and Investigations - ProPublica5 hours ago

by Ginger Thompson Este articulo pronto estará disponible en español. The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their

"We do not apologize." Kirstjen Nielsen should be honest and say what everyone else in the free world is witnessin…

“This is America. You never expect your loved one to be ripped away from you in front of your home.” - Natalie Garc…

"States are beginning to line up at Scott Pruitt’s door to shield their toxic coal ash dumps from public health pro…

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