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Companies should embrace these 5 emerging trends to help them deliver on existing water stewardship commitments whi…

There’s no place on Earth like the Arctic, home to full-time northern residents, iconic species and migratory birds…

RT @Andrea_Delgado7: Using the power of the law @Earthjustice @FarmwrkrJustice secure a victory 4 worker protection: In @PCUN et al vs @EPA…

Uncertainty Surrounds the Upcoming Election in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Global Voices40 minutes ago

The coming months will be critical for the elections. Will President Kabila respect the existing electoral calendar?

Famine in South Sudan remains likely if aid is not scaled up
ReliefWeb Headlines3 hours ago

Source: Famine Early Warning System Network Country: South Sudan An estimated 5.3 million people, 48 percent of the population, are currently facing

Today on #CivilEats we talk to @MarkWinneFood about his new book and how people working on a range of issues acros…

Martin Shkreli forgot capitalism's cardinal rule: Stealing from other rich people is a line you do not cross

Rep. Keith Ellison: Racism is what the big bosses use to manipulate everybody against each other.

Eroding Protection Under the Law
Articles and Investigations - ProPublica3 hours ago

by Peter Gosselin At the age of 50, the federal law that seeks to protect older American workers from age bias has been enfeebled by court decisions

How the Crowd Led Us to Investigate IBM
Articles and Investigations - ProPublica3 hours ago

by Ariana Tobin and Peter Gosselin Today, we are reporting that over the past five years IBM has been removing older U.S. employees from their jobs,

"For so many people in the US, democracy has never been believable -- it is not in danger of dying, because it has…

Should there be a maximum wage? Rep. Keith Ellison thinks so.

Martin Shkreli broke one one of the most enshrined rules of capitalism: Stealing from other rich people is a line y…

Cutting ‘Old Heads’ at IBM
Articles and Investigations - ProPublica3 hours ago

by Peter Gosselin and Ariana Tobin

Google Should Begin Delisting Pirate Sites, Aussie Rightsholders Say
TorrentFreak3 hours ago

Search engines such as Google and Bing should be forced to de-list pirate sites from search results to enhance Australia's site-blocking regime.

Rep. Keith Ellison: "Why shouldn't there be a maximum wage?"

In Venezuela, it's "democracy" if US-backed candidates are empowered, "tyranny" if they are not

Trump's tariffs throw US workers under the bus, yet again

Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios’ Defeat Opens the Door to Reform
Articles and Investigations - ProPublica4 hours ago

by Jason Grotto The ouster of Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios in the Democratic primary Tuesday paves the way for reform at a government agency

A NSA tentou rastrear usuários de Bitcoin, revelam os documentos de Snowden
The Intercept5 hours ago

A agência de espionagem obteve de um misterioso banco de dados grande volume de informações para identificar os detentores da criptomoeda. The

Jesús Vázquez and Katia Avilés discuss food insecurity in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Gun dealers report disappointing sales. Nevertheless, many states remain economically dependent on the firearms ind…

Naomi Klein discusses her most recent piece and the battle against privatization in Puerto Rico

Chomsky: 'The Republican Party Is the Most Dangerous Organization in Human History' Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

The renowned linguist and cognitive scientist on where we stand as an economy, as a country, and as human beings. * This interview originally

Does the Right Want to Do Away with the Humanities Altogether? Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

A Wisconsin university is considering eliminating 13 majors. Scott Walker must be delighted. Since the turn of the 20th century, the University of

Annelise Orleck discusses new book, "We Are All Fast Food Workers Now: The Global Uprising Against Poverty Wages,"…

Will Senator Justice Kennedy step down this summer? Here's why that's unlikely.

“Eat less meat” is about mitigating damage, and it misses the opportunity to tell people that there’s a way to actu…

12 Healthy Foods High in Antioxidants Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

Antioxidants help defend your body's cells from damage caused by potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals. Antioxidants are compounds

Treason or Treachery: Trump's Legal Troubles Are Heading Into Court and Could Backfire in Spectacular Ways Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

Robert Mueller's investigation continues. Women are suing to overturn agreements hiding adultery or worse. Ready or not, Americans will soon be

It has been six months since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, but thousands of residents of the American territ…

RT @LASmogGuy: Take this action now if you like EV buses in California without tailpipe emissions! Let’s break the internet with enthusiasm…

RT @LASmogGuy: Kicking off the Route To A Zero Emissions Future event in Riverside. #FutureIsElectric

Billionaires Won’t Save the World—Just Look at Elon Musk Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

The "playboy genius" is essentially squandering taxpayer money on pet projects like Mars trips and flamethrowers. Will Mars save humanity? Or will

Michael Moore Blasts 'Corporate Media' for Only Talking About 'Russia, Russia, Russia' Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

“If we just get rid of Trump, and return to what it was like the day before Trump, how were things then?” Filmmaker and adamant progressive

RT @mwongfood: Could an alternate state law be proposed and established that doesn't infringe on the Shinnecock's heritage and food soverei…

Rep. Keith Ellison: "Instead of preserving and sanctifying the old dusty normal, is it possible that journalism cou…

Vermont legislators now want to take enforcement authority away from the Agency of Agriculture and put it entirely…

Arrested for Jumping a Turnstile: How New York City Punishes the Poor Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

It's time to end Broken Windows policing. In "progressive" New York City, reminders of inequality abound: A homeless woman asleep outside of a bank,

'The Battle for Paradise': Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism & the Fight for Puerto Rico’s Future Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

Corporations are making a killing over Hurricane Maria's destruction. Six months since Hurricane Maria battered the island of Puerto Rico, the island

This grassroots organization has been fighting against corporate farms for decades.

After Maria, Puerto Ricans Cultivate Food Sovereignty While FEMA Delivered Skittles and Cheez-Its

To help their viewers understand what is happening around them, TV meteorologists are increasingly taking the lead…

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