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#WorldMetDay ceremony 23 March includes FB Live hosted by @NASAEarth to encourage citizen scientists and cloud obse…

A dusting of salt in the upper atmosphere could cool the planet. Via @NewsfromScience #climatechange…

Our latest collection “Forests in the Anthropocene” brings together our latest articles and opinion pieces on fores…

The tradeoffs inherent in earthquake early warning systems - latest science and technology news stories55 minutes ago

A team of researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey and the California Institute of Technology has found that modern earthquake early warning (EEW)

Photos: WWII Battleship 'USS Juneau' Discovered
Live Science1 hour ago

Wreckage from the USS Juneau was located off the Solomon Islands by the Research Vessel (R/V) Petrel. It is the final resting place of the five

The tradeoffs inherent in #earthquakeearlywarning systems @ScienceAdvances

WMO has issued annual statements on #stateofclimate for 25 years. During that time CO2 levels have risen from 360 p…

New opinion piece by Theodore Endreny on the role #urbanforests can play in delivering ecosystem services critical…

Short-faced bears, largest carnivores in the Ice Age, became omnivores to survive - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

Based on the analysis of fossil teeth conducted by Alejandro Romero from the University of Alicante's Departament of Biotechnology, a study shows

Relativistic effects on long-range interactions between objects - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

A team led by researchers María José Caturla and Carlos Untiedt, from the University of Alicante Department of Applied Physics, have studied the

RT @medical_xpress: Focus on early stage of illness may be key to treating #ALS, study suggests @BrownUniversity @NatureNeuro…

Researchers discover new accuracies in #cancer-fighting, nano drug #delivery

RT @medical_xpress: Flow of spinal fluid disrupted in inherited #developmentaldisorder @EmoryUniversity @scisignal

US firms face tough legal battles in China IP theft - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

It took a crucial piece of evidence for Microsoft to win one of its numerous anti-piracy lawsuits in China: A computer seller telling an investigator

Mars mission—Testing instruments in the Black Forest - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

Meteorite impacts and geological formations: So far, exploration of Mars has focused on its surface. The "InSight" mission of NASA and European

Synthetic #carbohydrate wards off pneumococcal infections

Design approach developed for new catalysts for energy conversion and storage @northwesternu @PNASNews

Britain says Facebook must go further in data scandal - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

Britain's culture minister said Thursday that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg's plan to fix problems at the world's biggest social media network did

Scientists control molecular alignment on a graphene surface - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

A group of scientists at Nagoya University have developed a simple and powerful method to construct perfectly unidirectional molecular assembly

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Golden touch: Next-gen optical #disk to solve data storage challenge @rmit @NatureComms

In field tests, device harvests #water from #desertair @MIT @NatureComms

Gaia status update—safe mode and recovery - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

Last month, ESA's Gaia satellite experienced a technical anomaly followed by a 'safe mode' event. After thorough examination, the spacecraft was

The existential case for ditching Alexa and other AI - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

Alexa's creepy laugh is far from the most worrying thing about her. This is despite the fact that Amazon's digital assistant – which allows users

RT @meteofrance: [Calendrier] Le 23 mars prochain, c'est la journée météorologique mondiale ! En savoir plus ? http…

RT @TechnionLive: The Startup that Predates 1948: The refugees that made the Israeli miracle possible were entrepreneurs and... https://t.c…

RT @FinallyInspired: @Elliotatthewhig Interesting research on #Cannabis & #Cancer at Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. https://t.…

Switching gears toward efficient datacenters with photonics - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

How can we scale-up datacenters in such a way that they can handle more data at lower cost, while consuming less energy? At Eindhoven University of

New foundation promotes soft skills for workers in India - latest science and technology news stories1 hour ago

Training workers with soft skills like time and stress management, problem solving, communication and teamwork can have big impacts on the

RT @TechnionUSA: #TechnionAlumni Dr. Amit Goffer's @ReWalk_Robotics featured in this @Newsweek excerpt of @AviJorisch's upcoming book (whic…

RT @Technion_France: Adhérer au Technion France, c'est soutenir les projets du @TechnionLive et entrer dans la famille du progrès pour tous…

RT @TechnionUSA: The #Technion is one of the Top 200 universities in the world for #architecture:

Long-term Gains: Pre-K Programs Lead to Furthered Education Later in Life
Scientific American News1 hour ago

Largest study to date of publicly funded early education program shows a major, sustained educational boost -- Read more on

Scientists study spawning salmon through a riverbed lens - latest science and technology news stories2 hours ago

Each year on the United Nations-designated World Water Day, March 22, people around the world consider the importance of fresh water to ecosystems

RT @TechnionT3: Meet Technion Prof. Avi Schroeder who will be sharing the secrets of inventing at Technion at this month's T3 in the Lounge…

RT @TechnionT3: Corindus Vascular Robotics, Inc. [NYSE American: CVRS], a leading developer of precision vascular robotics, has announced t…

RT @TechnionUSA: 15 Israeli Firms on @FastCompany's 2018 Most Innovative List

Amount of plastics in the environment set to rise - latest science and technology news stories2 hours ago

A leading Heriot-Watt academic has issued a statement on the news that the amount of plastic in the ocean is set to treble in a decade unless litter

Hurricane Harvey's toxic impact deeper than public told - latest science and technology news stories2 hours ago

A toxic onslaught from the nation's petrochemical hub was largely overshadowed by the record-shattering deluge of Hurricane Harvey as residents and

RT @Iasis_Molecular: Europe: Consortium gets €7.7M on packaging research #nanopack #technion

RT @TechnionT3: Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is defined as an “unexpected natural death from a cardiac cause within a short time period, gene…

RT @pepitobarcelona: El Technion es No. 1 en educación digital en el mundo vía @UniteWithIsrael

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