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Tuesday September 18 2018 02:20:33 PDT

Hate speech, collusion, and the constitution

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Republicans have refused to release Kavanaugh’s White House documents that are relevant to the confirmation process…

RT @CarolineLucas: OMG, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse ... It might come as news to leading Brexiteers, but consumer & e…

RT @WhistleIRL: @nw_nicholas @EamonnOGallchob @HSBC @centralbank_ie In #Ireland we've lost count of the #TrackerMortgageFRAUD victims. Natu…

German Spymaster Ousted for Suggesting Real Video of Far-Right Rampage Was Fake
The Intercept53 minutes ago

Germany's chief spy was removed from office for claiming that a viral video of nationalists hounding dark-skinned foreigners was fake. It was very

'She Is Christine Blasey Ford': CNN's Brooke Baldwin Demands Trump Call Kavanaugh Accuser by Her Name After He Repeatedly Says 'The Woman' Main RSS Feed2 hours ago

Trump expressed sympathy for his nominee — but not for his accuser. Responding to a question about Christine Blasey Ford's accusations of sexual

As of today—start of the 73rd UN General Assembly—957 days have passed since the UN ruled Julian Assange is unlawf…

Join 170,000 people standing up for mothers and babies. ??????????? Take action today. Lives depend on it →…

"We’re way more forgiving of men than women," says "Barry" writer and Emmy nominee Liz Sarnoff. That applies to fem…

Republican Senators Are Laying the Groundwork to Support Kavanaugh Despite Sexual Assault Allegations Main RSS Feed2 hours ago

Republicans are busy laying the groundwork to vote for Brett Kavanaugh—almost no matter what happens. Sexual assault allegations against Donald

Here Are 3 Ways Republicans Are Already Sabotaging a Real Hearing of the Charges Against Brett Kavanaugh Main RSS Feed2 hours ago

This whole charade is shameful. Republicans are already showing their hand—they were forced into setting up a hearing on sexual assault allegations

RT @LeeCamp: The suppression of my show & all anti-establishment voices continues. This image from Facebook analytics shows my page going…

“I’ve known @senatorkelly for a long time. I worked with her to end the Brownback experiment. She will bring Kansan…

A glass-ceiling-shattering 234 women won their primaries for U.S. House this year.

This Lawyer Contacted Senators With ‘Important Stories’ About Kavanaugh — But Says He Was Ignored Main RSS Feed2 hours ago

Lawyer Cyrus Sanai first attempted to contact the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee at the end of July. A letter, sent

Music Group Celebrates Millions of ‘Pointless’ Piracy Takedown Notices
TorrentFreak2 hours ago

The Association of Independent Music has teamed up with anti-piracy outfit MUSO to help its members remove infringing links from the Internet. The

RT @PattyMurray: After seeing the awful way Anita Hill was treated by an all-male Judiciary Committee about the now-Justice Clarence Thomas…

RT @_GlitchUK: See @SeyiAkiwowo, @NightatDa:d & @Info_Activism at the 38th @UNHumanRights session with Mr. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, UN High C…

RT @_GlitchUK: See @SeyiAkiwowo, @nighatdad & @Info_Activism at the 38th @UNHumanRights session with UN High Commissioner & Special Rapport…

'Unconscionable' and 'Appalling': Trump Slams Door on Refugees Fleeing US-Backed Wars and Persecution Main RSS Feed2 hours ago

"The U.S. has a direct moral responsibility to open its doors, given that our own nation is an active combatant in many of the conflicts driving the

Conservative Writer Slams Trump as a 'Small Man' — and Says His Botched Presidency Makes the US Look 'Weak' Main RSS Feed2 hours ago

"A great country shouldn’t behave this way." President Donald Trump's White House has been hit with a torrent of bad news in recent weeks and

RT @ondula: @TheWayOutMagaz Este viernes 21/09 20h. inauguramos #GlassRoom una exposición de @Info_Activism y @mozilla sobre datos personal…

The internal politics of the governing coalition in Australia remains intimately related to the fossil fuel industr…

The United States Senate needs to know who Kavanaugh really is. We have a constitutional responsibility to advise a…

Kavanaugh Character Witness Mark Judge in 1983 Yearbook: ‘Certain Women Should Be Struck Regularly, Like Gongs’ Main RSS Feed3 hours ago

Judge's Georgetown Prep 1983 yearbook page has a few astonishing quotes. In her once-confidential letter Dr. Christine Blasey Ford said there was

The Election DataBot: Now Even Easier
Articles and Investigations - ProPublica3 hours ago

by Derek Willis and Gabrielle LaMarr LeMee We launched the Election DataBot in 2016 with the idea that it would help reporters, researchers and

RT @joshua__frank: Please sign and share widely.

RT @oliviawilde: Ugh, can you believe the VA GOP has already begun slinging mud at my kick a** mom running for Congress? She's refusing any…

Arafa's leg injury prevents her from going to schools sometimes. Thanks to her friend Shawkat, she never misses out…

Here Are 5 of the Most Laughable and Pathetic Moments in Ted Cruz’s Senate Campaign — So Far Main RSS Feed3 hours ago

For starters, Ted Cruz is begging for Donald Trump's help. Offering some midterms analysis during a September 17 appearance on Charles Ellison’s

Trump Administration Plans U.N. Meeting to Ramp Up the International Drug War
The Intercept4 hours ago

Donald Trump plans to open the U.N. General Assembly with a meeting to rally likeminded countries to crack down on drugs. The post Trump

RT @LeeCamp: Bald-faced lying has become so "in" that now even Supreme Court nominees do it under oath. It's just so cool!

The White House said in a statement that Kavanaugh “looks forward to a hearing where he can clear his name of this…

.@wildforcongress, @HoulahanForPA, & @marygayscanlon's races are going strong! Let's help them keep it up through N…

School attacks in Cameroon prompt thousands of parents to withdraw students
ReliefWeb Headlines5 hours ago

Source: Voice of America Country: Cameroon Separatists fighting for the independence of the English-speaking regions had warned parents not to send

CNN's Bolduan Corners Pro-Kavanaugh Activist After She Calls Assault Allegation 'Boorish Horseplay' Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

“I don’t think anywhere in there she’s saying this boorish horseplay at all in her letter." CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Tuesday cornered Carrier

This Administration continues to turn its back on refugees, now capping the number at 30,000 — the lowest number si…

With a few exceptions, voters in the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences managed to select winners that looked pr…

RT @EamonnOGallchob: @WhistleIRL @HSBC @nw_nicholas @centralbank_ie Well done to @nw_nicholas and congratulations on your win against @HSBC…

Are Today’s White Kids Really Less Racist than Their Grandparents? Main RSS Feed5 hours ago

Is it true that each new generation of white people will be more open-minded and tolerant than previous ones? In America’s children, we often see

Intel Officials Are Stunned by Trump’s ‘Truly Damaging’ Declassification Order: MSNBC National Security Reporter Main RSS Feed6 hours ago

Donald Trump is “helping to fuel what’s essentially a conspiracy theory." National security reporter Ken Dilanian told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle

In the US we are caught between the reckless climate denial of the Republican Party and the opiate incrementalism o…

RT @EamonnOGallchob: @WhistleIRL @HSBC @nw_nicholas @centralbank_ie Thanks to @WhistleIRL too for exposing the evil of some of these nasty…

RT @NatStClair: Australia’s politicians remain resilient before the inconveniences of reality, and warm to the enticements of stupidity. Th…

'Death Warrant': Here's Why Trump Thinks Failing to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh Would End His Presidency Main RSS Feed6 hours ago

For Trump, the fight to confirm a second Supreme Court justice has bigger stakes even than his opponents realize. When President Donald Trump was

All-Male Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans Schedule Hearing for Kavanaugh Accuser – There’s Just One Major Problem Main RSS Feed7 hours ago

You know what they say about assumptions. The all-male Republican majority of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday agreed to allow federal

RT @chrisgeidner: BREAKING: The Supreme Court DENIES the stay requested by Crossroads GPS in its challenge to keep donors secret, vacating…

RT @engadget: Instagram uses Stories to encourage voter registration

RT @abc13houston: COLLEGE STUDENT DEATH: Family members say the 20-year-old was forced to eat an entire onion covered in hot sauce, drink l…

McDonald’s Workers Are Striking Against Sexual Harassment — Tying #MeToo to Their Labor Struggle
The Intercept7 hours ago

The McDonald's workers' strike will be the first nationwide strike specifically targeting sexual harassment in the workplace. The post McDonald’s

Here's Why White Nationalists Love Tucker Carlson — and Other Startling Discoveries From the Belly of the Racist Far Right Main RSS Feed7 hours ago

Pulitzer Prize-winner Eli Saslow’s new book “Rising Out of Hatred” follows the crown prince of Stormfront on his journey out of racism As many

RT @myleik: I've learned over time that people will hold you to standards that they can't even meet for themselves.

RT @LegalAidNYC: "The city has trained only 9,889 officers in crisis intervention training as of June, more than two years after an elderly…

RT @KateWGallego: "The former Phoenix councilwoman commanded an understanding of issues facing the city, from a future water shortage to pe…

Weak and Predictable Emmy Awards Fails to Solve Its Diversity Problem Main RSS Feed7 hours ago

The 70th Emmys opened by citing strides in diversity, and ended with a mostly white winners slate By now, on the occasion of the 70th Emmy Awards,

GOP Candidate Told Anti-Muslim Hate Group America Should Not 'Provide Entitlements' to Refugees Main RSS Feed7 hours ago

Yet another past speech to an extremist group is coming back to haunt Rep. Ron DeSantis. Immediately after progressive Tallahassee Mayor Andrew

RT @JSCCounterPunch: Kamala Harris brags about her prosecutorial expertise, mainly inflicted upon poor, desperate, minorities represented b…

This Vietnamese singer has been dubbed the Lady Gaga of Vietnam and compared to Pussy Riot, the Russian punk activi…

Millions of child deaths every year could be prevented. This is how. #HealthForAll #EveryChildALIVE @Telegraph

Buffer zone deal welcomed but millions still trapped in Idlib
ReliefWeb Headlines8 hours ago

Source: PAX Country: Syrian Arab Republic Deal to create a demilitarized buffer zone to separate government and opposition forces is a welcome

Ten Years Since Economic Collapse Sparked Occupy Wall Street, the Cooperative Movement Is Surging
Democracy Now!8 hours ago

This week marks the seven-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement and 10 years since the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman

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