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Tuesday September 18 2018 02:15:55 PDT

Hate speech, collusion, and the constitution

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Three of the cryptocurrency exchanges that help power CME's Bitcoin futures market have raised red flags with New Y…

Pakistan will be raising import duties on thousands of items to combat its massive deficit: 'if our reserves fall a…

Chinese media are ordered by the U.S. to register as foreign agents

Carvana Joins Tesla, WeWork and Uber In The Debt Market Disruptors Club
Forbes - Markets57 minutes ago

When a company taps the capital markets for debt financing, it’s usually careful to demonstrate that it’s generating enough cash to pay lenders

Trump weighs Poland’s request for US military base
International homepage1 hour ago

Warsaw said to offer billions of dollar to bolster defences against Russia

Alibaba's executive chairman (and China's richest man) Jack Ma is warning that the trade war between the US and Chi…

Turkey and Russia, which back opposing sides in Syria's civil war, agreed to establish a buffer zone in Idlib

Tesla makes a good car. Unfortunately for investors, Elon Musk’s actions keeps hurting the stock price

Bursting Another Tech Micro-Bubble
Forbes - Markets1 hour ago

Here’s what makes this company part of the micro-bubble.

Is Coca-Cola Brewing A Cannabis Partnership?
Forbes - Markets1 hour ago

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) is the latest beverage giant mulling an entry into the marijuana space. According to a report in BNN Bloomberg, the

Trump relaxes Obama-era curbs on flaring gas from wells on U.S. land

The Big Mac index was created in 1986 as a lighthearted way to see whether a currency is trading at its “correct” l…

Crafters fail to sway Trump with yarn and fabric staying on tariff list

OPEC And Non-OPEC Oil Market Cooperation Here To Stay, Says Official
Forbes - Markets1 hour ago

OPEC Secretary General Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo says a long-term agreement with non-OPEC oil producers will be in place by December.

Maker of Humira boosted sales of blockbuster drug through deceptive practices, California regulator alleges
BUSINESS - Los Angeles Times1 hour ago

California’s insurance regulator has accused pharmaceutical giant AbbVie of illegal practices to boost sales of Humira, one of the best-selling

Trump's trade war is playing right into China's hands via @bopinion

Just published: front page of the Financial Times UK edition Wednesday September 19

Poll shows Ted Cruz ahead, plus Tuesday's other midterms updates

Best Production Growth For A Decade Heralds Positive Future For Oil And Gas
Forbes - Markets1 hour ago

According to a new report by private bank Berenberg, the stars are aligning for oil and gas with lower costs, rising production and increasing

India delays imposition of higher tariffs on some US goods to November : Economy2 hours ago

Trade differences between India and the United States have risen since President Donald Trump took office, but India's decision to further delay

Just published: front page of the Financial Times international edition Wednesday September 19…

Unchecked, invisible cash flows now promote not democracy and liberty, but kleptocracy and misery

Global markets climbed Tuesday, shrugging off the latest salvos in the trade war between the U.S. and China…

The Menace of Central Banks And The Currency Board Elixir
Forbes - Markets2 hours ago

Currency crises give rise to questions about the desirability of central banking. Central banks armed with discretionary powers are behind every

White House hawks ratchet up China trade hostilities
International homepage2 hours ago

New tariffs aimed at Beijing leave little room for any settlement

China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries fell to a six-month low in July

The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency was removed from his post after making comments that many say we…

About 1.7 million chickens have been killed in flooding from Florence as rising North Carolina rivers have swamped…

XRP Price Surge: 'Buy The Rumor, Sell The News'
Forbes - Markets3 hours ago

XRP prices spiked earlier today. What drove these gains?

Canadian weed stocks are skyrocketing as legalization looms: But should you invest?
: Money3 hours ago

Investors in Canadian weed shares are having a great start to the week as the cannabis sector continues to soar on the stock market.

Maduro wants to talk about his official visit to China. Venezuelans want to talk about his gourmet steak dinner at…

Despite the corporate promises, your eggs probably still aren’t cage-free

'The only way to get any good at public speaking is to endure being bad at it until you stop being scared' — Sam Le…

A farm's workers voted 5 years ago on ousting the UFW union. Today, the ballots are being counted
BUSINESS - Los Angeles Times3 hours ago

California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board is finally counting ballots cast five years ago by workers at the state’s largest producer of

UK police chiefs are warning that a no-deal Brexit could result in them losing vital crime-fighting tools, making i…

Reverse racism can exist, but it is rare in comparison to examples of racism against historically marginalised grou…

The American Civil Liberties Union is accusing Facebook of discriminating against women by allowing employers to ta…

SeaWorld, ex-CEO settle with SEC over ‘Blackfish’
Business | New York Post3 hours ago

Regulators cracked down on SeaWorld Entertainment Tuesday for lying to investors about the crippling blow that the documentary film “Blackfish”

Gold prices fall as investors turn to dollar for safety amid US-China trade tensions : Economy3 hours ago

Gold prices have declined over 12 per cent from April amid the intensifying trade dispute between the United States and China, the world's top two

America First is captivating investors like never before, at the expense of other world markets

'Nobody knows how this ends — not Trump, not Xi Jinping, this is obviously a rapid escalation'

RT @bpolitics: Poland offers "Fort Trump" as name if U.S. builds permanent military base there

Ignore These 2 Superb Momentum Dividend Stocks At Your Peril
Forbes - Markets3 hours ago

Looking for brilliant income stocks today? These two recent risers could make you a mint in the years ahead.

Feds reportedly probing Musk and Tesla over public statements
Business | New York Post3 hours ago

The feds are investigating Tesla over public statements made by the company and CEO Elon Musk, Bloomberg according to two people familiar with the

Either Latin America mobilises global support to force Nicolás Maduro out of Venezuela, or it will have to live wit…

For the last few months in stocks, the world’s loss has often seemed like America’s gain. It won't last, says JPMor…

No, the Fed's rate increases aren't to blame for the meltdown in emerging markets via @bopinion

Apple pays disputed Irish tax bill
BBC News - Business3 hours ago

The tech giant has paid €14bn, that the European Commission ruled it owed due to illegal tax breaks.

Sex harassment suit against Cedar Realty CEO dismissed
Business stories from Newsday3 hours ago

A sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former executive against the chief executive of Cedar Realty Trust Inc. has been dismissed, the company

RT @bopinion: Less than two weeks ago, Musk was telling investors Tesla was “about to have the most amazing quarter” in its history. But is…

Are you all caught up on Tesla? There's always more via @bopinion

World's most valuable pot company envisions $100 billion future

As of Sep 21, “Credit Freezes” & “Unfreezes” Will Be Free for All Americans
Wolf Street4 hours ago

After the uproar about the Equifax hack, Congress did do something. And credit freezes are now a lot easier to place and lift.

Trump trade officials play down tariff concerns
International homepage4 hours ago

Republicans fear damage to consumer sentiment could affect forthcoming elections

The classically trained male dancers have been touring their mix of high art and comedy around the world for 40 yea…

Swedish family gets $2 billion boost from H&M buyout speculation

How a star power trader could clear own trades and lose millions

German spy chief Maassen removed from post
International homepage4 hours ago

Mr Maassen has been accused of downplaying threat of rightwing extremism

UK-US trade deal should include free movement, groups urge
BBC News - Business4 hours ago

Free market think tanks say workers should be free to travel between the countries.

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