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Tuesday September 18 2018 03:12:48 PDT

Hate speech, collusion, and the constitution

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It's a star, it's a planet, it's... a brown dwarf?

50 years ago, a successful Zond 5 circumlunar-mission launched by the Soviet Union may have contributed to the deci…

Elon Musk Reveals who the First Lunar Tourist Will Be
Universe Today2 hours ago

From SpaceX's headquarters in California, Elon Musk announced who will be the first lunar tourist to hitch a ride aboard the company's Big Falcon

NASA’s TESS Shares First Science Image in Hunt to Find New Worlds
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News3 hours ago

NASA’s newest planet hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), is now providing valuable data to help scientists discover and study

Jupiter's moon Europa can carry a tune, and astronomers aren't sure why.

Three months after its inaugural meeting, the advisory group supporting the National Space Council is working to or…

To Avoid Vision Problems in Space, Astronauts Will Need Some Kind of Artificial Gravity
Universe Today4 hours ago

A new study by an international team of researchers has indicated the need for artificial gravity to mitigate the effects of microgravity on

Hit-and-run heist of water by terrestrial planets in the early Solar System
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News5 hours ago

A study simulating the final stages of terrestrial planet formation shows that ‘hit-and-run’ encounters play a significant role in the

RT @AuntLindsey: EXCLUSIVE | “What’re your Top 3 Favorite Things About #Space” ? PLUS the silliest thing she’s ever done in recorded histor…

Even you can wear a spacesuit... sort of. Learn more about how materials that keep astronauts cool are used in athl…

Orion’s first Service Module integration complete
ESA Top News7 hours ago

Last week at the Airbus integration hall in Bremen, Germany, technicians installed the last radiator on the European Service Module for NASA’s

Gravity Assist Podcast: Solar Storms, with Alex Young
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News9 hours ago

NASA’s Chief Scientist, Dr Jim Green, talks to solar physicist Alex Young.

#DidYouKnow: The @Space_Station is a perfect environment for creating protein crystal structures ? for research. Fi…

Asteroid hunters delight! Tonight is a great night to spot asteroid Vesta. The minor planet passes just 2° southwes…

On Sept. 18, 1977, @NASA's #Voyager1 spacecraft took a photo of Earth and the moon. It was the first time both the…

Banking on exploration
ESA Top News13 hours ago

Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Field trip to the Dolomites for week two of the Pangaea geology training course

NASA Hosts Science Chat on Upcoming Historic Planetary Encounter
NASA Breaking News1 day ago

Members of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft team will host a Science Chat at 1 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Sept. 19, on humanity’s farthest planetary

To Avoid Vision Problems in Space, Astronauts Will Need Some Kind of Artificial Gravity - Universe Today…

RT @JimBridenstine: LIVE: Join me at the @NASAglenn Space Environments Complex where we test the @NASA_Orion spacecraft.…

Join us as we continue one of our favorite traditions: our annual Costa Rica Southern Sky Party! You can sign up no…

NASA Names Holly Ridings New Chief Flight Director
NASA Breaking News1 day ago

NASA has named Holly Ridings its new chief flight director, making her the first woman to lead the elite group that directs human spaceflight

Cryovolcanism Helped Shape Dwarf Planet Ceres
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News1 day ago

Icy volcanoes have erupted throughout the history of Ceres, but such continuous activity has not had the same extensive impact on the dwarf

Bizarre Physics Phenomenon Suggests Objects Can Be Two Temperatures at Once

Neil deGrasse Tyson Reminds Us Why Smoking Weed in Space Is a Bad Idea

Airlines wary of inflight connectivity disruption

Fossils reveal diverse mesozoic pollinating lacewings
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News1 day ago

Research provides new insight into the niche diversity, chemical communication, and defense mechanisms of Mesozoic pollinating insects.

Does the fossil record tell the true story about mass extinctions?
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News1 day ago

Episodes of climate change could skew species’ place in the fossil record.

Yusaku Maezawa Will Fly Around the Moon, Taking His Passion for Art with Him

Space & Science Festival Launches at NYC's Intrepid Museum This Week

RT @SPACEdotcom: Interplanetary Umbrella: New Heat Shield Could Land Bigger Payloads on Planets

ESA opens its doors
ESA Top News1 day ago

Register now for European Researchers Night at ESA

Frosted crater
ESA Top News1 day ago

Space Science Image of the Week: Bright carbon dioxide ice clings to the walls of a crater in the south polar region of Mars

RT @SPACEdotcom: Tiny Satellites Headed to Mars Likely Are First of Many

RT @MAVEN2Mars: The Planetary Society (@exploreplanets) has now made this issue and all 211 back issues of the Planetary Report magazine op…

Hey, Spock! Real-Life 'Planet Vulcan' Orbits Sun Featured in 'Star Trek'

The Closest Planet Ever Discovered Outside the Solar System Could be Habitable With a Dayside Ocean
Universe Today2 days ago

A new NASA-led study shows that Proxima b could support the existence of an ocean on its dayside, which means it could still be habitable. The post

Sunspot Solar Observatory has been Shut Down by the FBI and Nobody’s Saying Why
Universe Today2 days ago

The Sunspot Solar Observatory has been temporarily shut down and evacuated due to a security threat. The post Sunspot Solar Observatory has been Shut

The math of why it’s so hard to build a spherical Death Star in space by @JenLucPiquant

.@SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell: ‘We would launch a weapon to defend the U.S.’

RT @NASA: Discover @NASA_Technology that can be found in the products and services you use in your everyday life. Here's a look at a few of…

MarCO Makes Space for Small Explorers
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News2 days ago

A pair of NASA CubeSats flying to Mars are opening a new frontier for small spacecraft.

BUFFALO charges towards the earliest galaxies
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News2 days ago

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has started a new mission to shed light on the evolution of the earliest galaxies in the Universe.

RT @elakdawalla: It's a big step for us to go open access. If you support our mission of making great space journalism accessible to all, I…

RT @prolixity: A very enthusiastic thank you to @exploreplanets and @elakdawalla for making The Planetary Report accessible to all. As a pr…

RT @elakdawalla: I've got two announcements today! One: The September equinox issue of The Planetary Report is out! Featuring articles by @…

Copernicus Sentinel maps Florence hurricane flood
ESA Top News3 days ago

Making landfall in the US state of North Carolina on 14 September, Hurricane Florence is causing widespread damage and flooding. The Copernicus

Famous theory of the living Earth upgraded to ‘Gaia 2.0’
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News3 days ago

A time-honoured theory into why conditions on Earth have remained stable enough for life to evolve over billions of years has been given a new,

Big news: You can now access the entire 38-year archive of our flagship magazine, all 212 issues of The Planetary R…

Discover @NASA_Technology that can be found in the products and services you use in your everyday life. Here's a lo…

RT @esascience: #ICYMI earlier, the #BepiColombo media briefing replay at #EPSC2018 today. @BepiColombo will launch from Kourou on 19 Oct 2…

The walking dead: Fossils on the move can distort patterns of mass extinctions
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News3 days ago

Using the fossil record to accurately estimate the timing and pace of past mass extinctions is no easy task, and a new study highlights how fossil

NASA, ULA Launch Mission to Track Earth's Changing Ice
NASA Breaking News3 days ago

NASA’s Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) successfully launched from California at 9:02 a.m. EDT Saturday, embarking on its

SpaceX signs up Japanese billionaire for circumlunar BFR flight

If a glacier loses even 4 millimeters of height, NASA's new ICESat-2 will let us know.

What happens when you let quasars "choose" the details of your experiment? You can prove quantum entanglement is a…

Cassini’s Final View of Titan’s Northern Lakes and Seas
Astrobiology Magazine: Latest News4 days ago

During NASA's Cassini mission's final distant encounter with Saturn's giant moon Titan, the spacecraft captured the enigmatic moon's north polar

New Video Shows Construction Beginning on the World’s Largest Telescope
Universe Today4 days ago

A new video released by the ESO illustrates the construction of the Extremely Large Telescope, which will be the world's largest telescope once it is

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