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Tuesday September 18 2018 02:22:13 PDT

Hate speech, collusion, and the constitution

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RT @MIT_ISTnews: Happy #NationalITProfessionalsDay to all you IT pros out there! ?? ? ?? Don't forget, @MIT community members can get in-…

You have a First Amendment right to criticize patent trolls. And that includes the right to call them "patent troll…

The House Transportation Committee is considering giving ICE the power to destroy privately-owned drones—just like…

Think your neighbors want to go green? You’ll be more likely to, too
Ars Technica24 minutes ago

Beliefs about neighbors' environmental attitudes might trump your own.

'Captain Marvel' Trailer: The Next MCU Movie Will Pummel You with '90s Nostalgia
Feed: All Latest37 minutes ago

The MCU wants to take you back to the days of Blockbuster and beepers.

Californians, add your voice to theirs by making sure Governor Brown hears from you. Tell him to sign #SB822

At 1 pm, watch this livestream as firefighters and more rally for Governor Brown to sign California's…

Apple repays €14B in “illegal aid” to Ireland, so EU drops court case
Ars Technica47 minutes ago

"Always Ireland's intention to comply with our legal obligations in this regard."

Lenny Kravitz doesn’t get why people find his huge scarf meme so hilarious
The Daily Dot1 hour ago

Why hasn't he cozied up to his meme status? The post Lenny Kravitz doesn’t get why people find his huge scarf meme so hilarious appeared first on

RT @MIT_SHASS: Interested in time travel? MIT History offers deep dives into the Age of Pericles, Medieval Europe, traditional Chinese civi…

Help defend online rights. Join the team at EFF! We’re hiring a Help Desk Technician and Client Platform Engineer:

RT @yousuck2020: Another serious shot w @elonmusk

Running Ubuntu VMs on Windows just got a whole lot more streamlined
Ars Technica1 hour ago

Desktop image is configured to offer particularly tight Windows integration.

Hill-Climbing Our Way to Defeating DRM
Deeplinks1 hour ago

Computer science has long grappled with the problem of unknowable terrain: how do you route a packet from A to E when B, C, and D are nodes that keep

RT @MITevents: 3 PM: Sexual Harassment of Women - A Consensus Study Report of NASEM. Welcome remarks by MIT President L. Rafael Reif, follo…

RT @EFF: Excelente episodio de @radioambulante sobre la historia de Diego Gómez, el estudiante colombiano acusado penalmente por compartir…

Since we can’t be there to say this ourselves, we’ll say it here: EFF will oppose any federal legislation that weak…

Grindr aims to combat discrimination with education, stricter community guidelines
The Daily Dot1 hour ago

The initiative 'Kindr' seeks to make the platform more inclusive. The post Grindr aims to combat discrimination with education, stricter community

The coolest tech in Audi’s new e-tron electric SUV is banned in the US
Ars Technica1 hour ago

The high-end electric SUV market just got a new option.

EFF has had a long and continuous battle with some of the testifying companies in California, such as Google and AT…

Some of the companies invited have spent heavily to oppose consumer privacy legislation, and many have never suppor…

California recently passed consumer privacy legislation that gives users the right to know what personal informatio…

Woman duped on Tinder inadvertently inspires Twitter meme
The Daily Dot1 hour ago

What five words would ruin your Tinder date? The post Woman duped on Tinder inadvertently inspires Twitter meme appeared first on The Daily Dot.

Windows 10: A guide to the updates
Computerworld1 hour ago

The launch of a big Microsoft Windows 10 update like the April 2018 Update isn’t the end of a process — it’s really just the beginning. As soon

It was Illinois’ biometric privacy law which landed Facebook in a class action lawsuit for allegedly scanning facia…

Remember when Equifax was forced to tell us that they compromised the data of 145.5 million Americans? That was a…

The Commerce Committee is about to host a consumer privacy hearing, but consumer privacy groups aren’t invited. Wh…

QAnon Is Trying to Trick Facebook’s Meme-Reading AI
Feed: All Latest1 hour ago

How should Facebook balance transparency about its automated systems with security?

U.S. Justice Department probes Musk statement on taking Tesla private
Reuters: Technology News1 hour ago

Tesla Inc said on Tuesday the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating Chief Executive Elon Musk's public statements in August that he was

Researchers identify an essential protein that helps enzymes relax overtwisted DNA so each strand can be copied dur…

Machine-learning system tackles speech and object recognition, all at once

This Friday: EFF's @cmcsherr will be at @joinlincoln's #Reboot2018 conference along with @HalSinger and…

Cryptocurrency exchanges at risk of manipulation: report
Reuters: Technology News1 hour ago

Several cryptocurrency exchanges are plagued by poor market surveillance, pervasive conflicts of interest and lack sufficient customer protections,

Video: A quick explainer on the promise—and risks—of TrueDepth in the iPhone XS
Ars Technica2 hours ago

An app developer and an Ars editor cover the basics of Apple's 3D camera.

RT @yousuck2020: I choose to go to the moon, with Artists. #dearMoon

Hanging out with @yousuck2020 before the @SpaceX moon mission announcement

Over the last two years, the Egyptian government has targeted digital rights defenders, journalists, crusaders agai…

State Legislator Says 11-Year-Old Tased By Cop Deserved It And Her Parents Probably Suck
Techdirt.2 hours ago

TODAY IN GARBAGE HUMAN BEINGS: Cincinnati police officer Kevin Brown’s decision to fire a Taser at an 11-year-old girl suspected of shoplifting

U.S. senators seek 'painful' punishment if China's ZTE violates deal
Reuters: Technology News2 hours ago

Republican and Democratic U.S. senators introduced a bill on Tuesday that would reimpose sanctions on China's ZTE Corp if it does not fully comply

A coalition including EFF calls for the immediate repeal of Egypt's Cybercrime Law, which seems written primarily t…

RT @EFF: Many of the CLOUD Act’s privacy failures—failure to require notice, failure to require prior judicial authorization—are addressed…

Excelente episodio de @radioambulante sobre la historia de Diego Gómez, el estudiante colombiano acusado penalmente…

Startup: Triton Submarines, with Aston Martin, Readies Luxury Personal Sub That’s Surprisingly Capable
IEEE Spectrum Recent Content2 hours ago

Triton’s deep-diving submersibles already play a crucial role in marine research

ACLU charges Facebook with gender discrimination over targeted ads
The Daily Dot2 hours ago

Are these ads for jobs playing fair? The post ACLU charges Facebook with gender discrimination over targeted ads appeared first on The Daily Dot.

RT @EFF: The public deserves more transparency when police seek hand-me-down equipment from the military. A bill sitting on @jerrybrowngov'…

RT @world_affairs: Is Facebook too big to tame? The social media giant is a predictor for both #privacy issues and free speech rights onlin…

RT @Scott_Wiener: Today Trump’s FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, attacked our #NetNeutrality bill, #SB822. He’s upset that after he repealed net neu…

Dealmaster: Take $40 off a 32GB Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet
Ars Technica2 hours ago

If you have Prime. Plus deals on Samsung SSDs, Xbox One controllers, and more.

Pictures leak of the “Google Home Hub,” Google’s version of a smart display
Ars Technica2 hours ago

Google launched Smart Display software earlier this year; hardware is next.

Every day is #ConstitutionDay at EFF. What's your favorite amendment?

Diego Gomez was brought to trial for sharing scientific research over the Internet without permission. @NPR’s…

EFF to Court: The First Amendment Protects Criticism of Patent Trolls
Deeplinks2 hours ago

EFF has submitted an amicus brief [PDF] to the New Hampshire Supreme Court asking it to affirm a lower court ruling that found criticism of a patent

Did James O’Keefe use AP government flashcards to understand the Hatch Act?
The Daily Dot2 hours ago

The conservative activist and filmmaker returns with a curious definition. The post Did James O’Keefe use AP government flashcards to understand

RT @SwiftOnSecurity: ~~NEW RULE~~ Don’t sign things unless they’re: - album covers - lease agreements - amicus briefs by the EFF

Top SpaceX priority is and will remain supporting @NASA crewed spaceflight and National Security missions

Btw, can’t emphasize enough how @SpaceX would not be where it is today without @NASA. Thank you.

The Problem With Giving Teenage Kavanaugh a Pass
The New Republic3 hours ago

Defenders of the beleaguered Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh have taken to arguing, in a lawyerly way of exploring a hypothesis, that

Easy way to bypass passcode lock screens on iPhones, iPads running iOS 12
Computerworld3 hours ago

Update for iOS 12 With iOS 12 and iPhones that have Touch ID, you can still bypass the iPhone lock screen and trick Siri into getting into a person's

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